The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band is governed by our Tribal Constitution which was signed on June 9, 1991. Per our Tribal Constitution, our Tribal Council is comprised of 10 members. Included within these 10 council members is the Executive Council which is comprised of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Per our constitution, Executive Council members are elected to a six year terms while Council Members are elected to four year terms.  All registered members over the age of 18 year of age or older and who are members in good standing are eligible to vote in our elections.

Our Tribal Constitution mandates that quarterly Council meetings are held. Without fail our Tribe abides by this mandate and meets on a more frequent basis as needed. In addition, all Council members are involved in one or more of our Tribal committees.

The following standing committees are comprised within the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band:

Membership Committee

Our Membership Committee is currently under the leadership of Vice-Chair Paul Mondragon and  Council Member Peggy Pappani.  Since October 2010, our membership committee has been meeting on at least a monthly basis as they continue to prepare membership records and research Tribal genealogy.  Our Tribal Genealogist is an integral part of this committee.

Humunya Foundation

The Humunya Foundation is the fundraising and community events arm of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Humunya means “Hummingbird” in our Mutsun Language. The Hummingbird is significantly linked to our creation story. Mt. Umunhum, which is in Los Gatos, California, is named in honor of the Hummingbird.

The Humunya Foundation participates in Tribal and public events such as holding abalone pendant making, tule boat making, playing the “Uno” card game in the Mutsun Language, and other activities designed for children. The Foundation also coordinate electronic recycling, grant writing, and they are significantly responsible for all membership functions. Finally, the HF is responsible for our annual Tribal Gathering held each July.

Elders Committee

The Amah Mutsun Elders Committee is responsible for advising the Tribal Chairperson, Executive Committee, and Tribal Council. Our Tribal Council recognizes the wisdom and experience of our Elders and respectfully seeks their Council when dealing with difficult issues.

Youth Committee

Members of our Youth Committee participate in our Mutsun language classes and our dances. They also help at community events, and participate in Talking Circles regarding issues that impact our youth.

Land Preservation and Conservation Committee

Jim Keller, Tribal Advisor, is the Director of this Committee. This committee seeks to protect and conserve the traditional Tribal territory of the Amah Mutsun. The committee works as the liaison between the Tribe and other conservation groups. Finally the committee helps to procure conservation and cultural easements, advise Council on City and County General Plans and provide input on development proposals on sensitive cultural properties.

Cultural Committee

This committee is comprised of our members who work to restore our language, dance, songs, basket making, regalia and jewelry making, traditional spiritual beliefs, and conduct historical research for our Tribe.

Mutsun Land Trust

The Mutsun Land Trust is currently being organized for the purpose of receiving conservation and cultural easements.  A goal of the Mutsun Land Trust is to clearly identify and develop the concept of  “Land Stewardship” and to share this concept with other land conservation organizations.   These plants were provided to us by the creator as food, medicine, and for specific purposes.  Our stewardship goals include restoring the indigenous plants so they may serve the purpose for which they were provided and to allow them to fully complete their circle of life.

It’s important to note that the Chairman is a standing member on all committees.

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