“We are Stunned” Lopez Tells CNN

“We are stunned and we are in disbelief,” Valentin Lopez told CNN after the canonization of Junipero Serra in Sept. 23, 2015 in Washington, DC.

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  • Tom Fox says:

    I listened to your program on DemocracyNow today, bought the book The Cross of Thornes, Kindle edition, listened to the radio program on KALW radio, went to BBC.com and like your comment above, I too was stunned and in disbelief that this could happen. If only one word could be used, it’d be ‘Unbelievable!’ But then what would we expect in a day and age where humanity is continually and credulously hoodwinked on major issues. Its the way society perpetuates the lie, the illusion of truth through major corporations and institutions rather than facing up to the truth.
    Here is another example …
    I am a white European, please forgive me for being so naïve and stupid to have been brought up in a traditional Canadian public school system which was an illusion.
    Please keep up your efforts at educating as you’re doing. I turned away from the RC church many years ago and am glad to have done so. Use what has happened in this canonization to continue your education fight and now have more people walk away from any organized religion which does not respect your ways of universal spirituality by respecting the Mother Earth.
    Fight for the decanonization of this demon serra.
    Thank you and keep up your ways, the earth is crumbling and collapsing and as it does more and more people are learning to respect your people’s way and jumping ship from dogmatic and hypocritical religions.

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