Association of Tribal Governments Letter Opposing Serra Sainthood

The California Association of Tribal Governments has written a letter to Richard Garcia, Bishop of the Diocese of Monterey, Ca., “with our hope and prayers that someone with influence within the Catholic Church may advise his Holiness Pope Francis to reevaluate his decision to canonize Friar Junipero Serra,” and asking for a meeting to reevaluate the church’s relationship with the families of all California Indians taken to the missions where they were enslaved. In addition, the letter states: “It is essential that his Holiness Pope Francis rescind the a Papal Bulls that comprise the Doctrine of Discovery.”  Association of Tribal Governments Letter Opposing Serra Sainthood

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  • Nathan Eddy says:

    Why not stage a protest procession honoring the Orthodox St. Peter the Aleut wherever Junipero Serra is honored. St. Peter the Aleut was martyred for refusing to convert from Orthodoxy to Catholicism and the memory of his martyrdom is a source of embarrassment to the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Mark Day says:

    The California bishops and especially their chairman, Bishop Jaime
    Soto, as well as the Franciscan Fathers of California, their provincial
    superior and his definitorium, need to understand that the vast majority
    of Native Californians, oppose the canonization of Fray Junipero Serra.
    Bishop Garcia, please listen to the tribal goverments and pass this message on t o Pope Francis so he can cancel the unwise and hurtful
    Serra canonization. Rerpectfully yours, Mark R. Day

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