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Letter to Pope Francis, Sept. 2015

In a letter to Pope Francis outlining the reasons the Amah Mutson people oppose the canonization of Junipero Serra, Tribal ChairmanValentin Lopez says “Undoubtedly what puzzles and hurts us most is how the Catholic Church has ignored the humanity of our ancestors.” Read: Letter to the Pope Sept 2015


Pinnacles and Amah Mutsun on Condors

The following videos are available for viewing regarding the Amah Mutsun’s involvement in restoration:


National Park Service awards Amah Mutsun with Hartzog award.

“Volunteer Group Award Amah Mutsun Tribal Band Pinnacles National Park, California The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and Pinnacles National Park have cultivated a lasting partnership. Tribal volunteers, collaborating with the park and the University of California at Santa Cruz and Berkeley, conducted two research projects that take an innovative approach to habitat restoration. By integrating  Read more…


Amah Mutsun Relearning Garden at UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

Danielle Venton, Santa Cruz Sentinel   SANTA CRUZ Ascencion Solorsano de Cervantes was the last member of the Amah Mutsun tribe versed in the traditional ways of medicine. People from hundreds of miles away sought her care. In the summer of 1929 at age 83, Solorsano, the last fluent speaker of the tribal language, and  Read more…



In November of 2006 the Cervantes & Velasquez Conference Room was dedicated to the memory of Ascencion Solorsano de Cervantes (1857-1930) and Josefa Gonzales de Velasquez (1839-1922). They were two of the last fluent speakers of the Mutsun Language. Josefa also spoke the Awaswas Language. Mutsun and Awaswas are a couple of the many “Ohlone/Costanoan” dialects that were  Read more…

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