Letter to Pope Francis regarding the Encyclical July 1, 2015

Letter-to-Pope-Francis-re-Encyclical-1 July 2015

The Amah Mutsun’s Response supporting the Catholic Church Encyclical on the Environment and reiterating the request that the Pope reverse his decision to canonize Junipero Serra.

Respuesta de Amah Mutsun a la Encíclica de la Iglesia Católica con relación al Medio Ambiente  (en Español)


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  • Antonio Gonzales says:

    Thank you my relations. i am having difficulties to see the complete english version on your website, regarding the encyclical letter to the Pope Francis….

    Also, it would be nice to consider join posting on your web, the petition now circulating on MoveOn.org regarding Junipero Serra is no saint….

    Otherwise, great looking website….!
    thanks again, my relations,

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