Pope Overlooks Cultural Genocide in Canonizing Junipero Serra

Critics say that Pope Francis, who recently called attention to the 1915 genocide against Armenians by the Ottoman Empire, has a blind spot when it comes to the brutal Spanish conquest of the Americas.

After the announcement that Junipero Serra, founder of California’s missions, would be canonized in September, 2015, Vatican officials argued that Serra was a “man of his time” who had his faults, but who often defended the Indians against the abuses of predatory Spanish Soldiers. California’s native peoples disagree.  See May 22, 2015 La Prensa San Diego commentary by Mark Day. 

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  • Christa Rose Barron says:

    I am so sorry for what has been done to your people. I don’t know what is more evil, the original oppression, rape and murder of your people, or now the disgustingly glamorous cover-up of this truth with a religious lie. I love Jesus with all of my heart, but I despise what power hungry men have done in His name. I love the catholic people, but it is very clear to me that the religious system is severely twisted, as are so many religious systems. I don’t believe Jesus is about religion. He is about loving merciful and grace filled relationship.

    Junipero Serra’s legacy is one of mass genocide. He did not do the work of Jesus. In fact He did the opposite. He was led by greed and wordly power. He did not have the heart of Christ, he had the mind of a devil, disguised as a saint. He was a great deceiver, oppressor and murderer. Are these the qualities the Pope considers for sainthood? This pope has shown a lot of humanitarian kindness. So how can he not see the great lack of human understanding and kindness in supporting such a man as Serra? How can he not see that in reality what he is doing is mocking the wounds of a people that the lineage of his religious system heartlessly caused in the first place. It’s a monumental disgrace!

    But, personally, I don’t think we should be so surprised. Pope Francis is just a man who is run by a twisted religious system. The Catholic world thinks he is running it, but he is really a puppet of the papal system. We get our hopes up when we see a lot of good coming out of this system. But as we are seeing now, there is still a lot of deception. I don’t trust it and I never will. I hate to say it, but when you look at the history of the Papacy, I guess it all makes sense. Evil praises evil. Even with that said, I do hold out for hope that the man who is Pope Francis will make the courageous choice to go against his own system and right this terrible wrong done to the native people of California.

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